Alors, Le Pol Pol blog!

It's ze French! Mention the blog!*

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One good side of extensive Friday night is the all-day-in-bed Saturday. Instant alibi to not remove yourself form horizontal position, except to pay the Chinese restaurant delivery gentleman (and they should be gentle once they see your fragile state). Bed means books and searching the interwebz for more cool shit.

That’s what it is about, Internet – the cool shit.

Any way, my friend tipped me to Le Pol Pol blog today, which – as far as I understand the ungodly language – is all about Poland in French! It seems very charming and witty.

Also, I found out google translate works rather poorly from French to English…

And then hop boom, and the bell Pol Pol Blog, look totally subjective about Poland of a Polish-French for the French. A personal or even partisan and part. BUT in the joy and good mood (we’ll try it will be hard, smiles do not run the streets here: boo!).”

So stick to the original. I hope you enjoy reading Milosz’s posts and improve your French while you’re at it.

PS. The lead to this post is my charming play on the classical Fawlty Towers “It’s the Germans, don’t mention the war!” moment. Yes, it was an intense Friday night.

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