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We dug out some of the other English blogs about Warsaw & Poland. Enjoy.

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We’re on a constant look out for other English language blogs about Warsaw (or vaguely related). Mostly, since we try to work during day time and sleep during night time, google blog search has been our friend.

Borsuk na Pradze. Our favorite so far, so we place it first (you online people have short attention spans). The writer says “I’m from Alberta, Canada and have been living in Warsaw, Poland since mid 2009. Poland is the last stop on what has been a few wonderful years of traveling. Before working as an English teacher, I studied philosophy and anthropology, drove heavy trucks in the Alberta oilfield, and worked as a professional sailor on a traditional tall ship.” Kolin also writes in Polish occasionally.

Polish M’ Knob: An American in Warsaw. The writer says – “A “student” and teacher in Warsaw occasionally. I guess the only thing I miss is the night sky” (don’t we all). The blog is updated more less once a week or every two weeks with photos, descriptions of travels, economy predictions and occasional cooking recipes.

Pozdrowienia z Urysnowa – hyper-local in the suburbs. Photos, food and occasional musings on the home made liqueurs (which gets our vote). [EDIT] As Paddy rightly pointed out he also writes “about politics, history and sociology and business and economics theory”.

Raf Uzar – “I live in Warsaw (capital of Poland). I work as an editor, translator and translator trainer and also on Polish National Radio.” Raf writes mostly about history and politics.

Richard Berkeley. About the author: “Richard Berkeley is an Anglo-Pole who has been living in Warsaw for ten years. He trained as a musician at London University Goldsmiths College..” This is enough for me – I finished Goldsmiths. Richard likes to reminisce a lot and has a very BCC-British accent, which seems fitting.

W-wa Jeziorki. The writer says “Born to Polish parents in West London, in 1957. Forty years later, my family and I moved to Warsaw, Poland, where we live to this day, in the quiet(ish) suburb of Jeziorki.”. This is what we call hyper-local journalism. Thank god for it, because no one can be in all places at once. I particularly like the photos.

Młochów (Mwo-Hoov) Life and times outside Warsaw. More hyper-local. General this-and-that and a lot of photos of trees. Obvious talent for phonetical spellings.

20 East. The writer says “I’m British, more or less half a century old and live with my Polish wife and Ponglish daughter in Warsaw, Poland. This isn’t an assignment, visit, accident or adventure, this is home.” Being a bit biased we cheer for all the UK folk in Warsaw.

Polandian – our favorite of the general Poland category. While it’s not Warsaw-centric it, it has the vital “Understanding Poland” tab, which you should visit as soon as you’re done here.

Behind The Water Tower – this is completely off topic, but come on, it’s a blog about Polish Rail in English! Prove positive Internet is full of wonder.

And now for something totally unrelated: Kapusta Romans – how to fall over in Poland. “Karl Bischoff is an Australian lost abroad”, currently in Wrocław. Listed here because we enjoy his sense of humor and Wrocław is by far our favorite “other” Polish city.


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