wait, what?

Yes, this is a horse. Your argument is invalid.

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Yes, this is a horse. And yes, it is residential buildings of Warsaw’s Ursynów district that you see in the back.

Apparently bunch of horses were hanging out by the Church of St. Tomas. As they do. The photo was taken for us by the eagle-eyed photographer, Maja Krynska.

Maja is the new member of the editorial team (team being the operative word), and a very talented photographer (also check out her work on behance). She is in to portrait photography, but periodically we drag her around town and make her take awesome shots like the one on our main page. Hopefully you’ll be able to see more results of our collaboration soon.

We also have a couple of restaurants reviews and Warsaw-centric interviews in store, but my keen editorial eye is popping out of the socket after couple of heavy working months courtesy of Euro 2012. I’m going of the grid next week and will hopefully come back full of new energy.

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