Antek, the warsaw hipster

The slightly hangover Saturday is a great day to meet Antek - the Warsaw hipster.

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The cracking team of city reporters behind your favorite blog went out on a material-gathering mission, which somehow ended at 4 a.m. We made it as far as Na Lato (For the Summer), this season’s pop-up club sensation, the everybody-and-their-kitchen-sink destination, where every one below 40 is guaranteed to meet half the people they know, including some they haven’t seen in 2 years.

Today, while we nurse ourselves back to functioning, seems like a good day to introduce you to Antek, the Warsaw hipster.

Things don’t work out for Antek, except for the fact that he is the star of facebook’s new favorite meme – and not just any meme, a meme which uses helvetica. Also, he has 5k + fans on facebook (duh!).

So here is my best attempt to introduce you to Antek, to give you a sense of the type of person a Warsaw-bred hipster is.

Check out my new dutch bike. Can you help me carry it up the stairs?

Gonna go to the Center for Contemporary Art. Haven’t checked-in there for a while.

Went to Sri Lanka to find inner peace. Tweeted he found it.

And the very best…

I want to read in peace. Gonna go to Starbucks.

Remember, Antek doesn’t do it for the likes. He’s just really hyped about social media.

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