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Club-cafe Chłodna 25 is no more, long live its replacement Chłodna Comedy Club.

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…something borrowed, something blue. And something – hopefully – funny. Club-cafe Chłodna 25 is no more, long live its replacement Chłodna Comedy Club. Same address, rehashed space and new concept: from now on it is to be the central for comedy, small theatre forms and improv in Warsaw.

Couple of months ago Chłodna lost its license to sell alcohol – or rather didn’t get it renewed, based on the veto by the local residential co-op (a bit of a worrisome trend). At the time we had serious doubts as to whether the cafe part will be enough to provide for the entire establishment when the booze revenues have dried up.

Alas, the crew at Chłodna didn’t throw their hands in the air and pack the whole thing up. Quite to the contrary – they repainted the walls and came up with new concept, which might partially be out of the need to stick it to the man. But partially out of need for comedy and laughter, something the city is lacking in huge quantities.

[h3]We are not too stong on the funny around here, which is strange given the long-standing tradition of comedy during the communist era (perhaps free market did take something out of people in this department).[/h3]

To be completely honest, personally I am no fan of stand up comedy. I’d skip comedy nights at my local in London. Mostly because – unless it’s Bill Hicks, and he’s no longer around – it tends to be rather tedious. Stand up has to be really balanced and intricate to make any sense to me. A bit like writing a snappy column  – seems easy and available, but is in fact an art as complicated as conducting an orhestra. It can easily go wrong, especially when the audience is stone cold sober.

Alas, here at the blog editorial office, we admire the guts on Chłodna’s team, as well as the guts of Rafał Rutkoski, actor and comedian who is now the “face” of the new comedy club – to our knowledge first and only such enterprise in town. And so we will buckle up and go.

Even if it will cost us.



[h5]Rafał Rutkowski’s new show “Tańczący z myślami” (Dances with thoughts, a word-play on the title of 1990 Kevin Costner film) premiered in Chłodna on August 13. Rutkowski is a Polish actor, co-funder of Montownia Theatre, with credits in cinema, tv and one-man comedy including Polish Sex, No country for great men (points for guessing the title of movie in question).

Chłodna Comedy Club is at 25 Chłodna Street in Warsaw. Its full program is to open in October.

Cover photo: Chłodna Comedy Club on facebook, illustration by Michał Jońca (who also designed our favorite Polish toy).[/h5]


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