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I'm not sure if it's not passe among that demographic by now.

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When “Charlotte. Bread and wine” opened, the next-door pub Plan B wrote “Plan B. Beer and vodka” on its doors. Because its slightly pretentious name and decor, Charlotte is considered a hipster heaven and as such is a source of jokes. Although I’m not sure if it’s not passe among that demographic by now. Either way, we went to see just how good the bread and wine really is.

Turns out – not that great (I am no fan of burying the lead on occasions like this). Coffee – great, except we had to wait for it for about 20 minutes. Not a problem for me personally, on a sunny day I don’t mind sitting outdoors and waiting for a bit, especially that the Charlotte crew seems really nice, if a bit spaced. But if you’re of the inpatient kind, better go across the road to Ministry of Coffee (might want to do it anyway, the coffee there is great and it’s the only place we know of, which serves cold brew).
[h3]Perhaps 11 a.m. is not the best time for breakfast (though what is then?) – the famed bread was really nice but dry, in the sort of way that a bread which has been laying around tables from 8.30 a.m. might be. And I had some home-made jams and chocolate spread, which were great.[/h3]

Then again 11 is too early for wine even by my standards – so I have no idea how good the wine part is. All in all, everything there is a good idea – the place, the outdoors sitting, the wide choice in breakfast menu, and the home-made bread. It’s just that in practice it doesn’t quite work.

I say, keep calm and go somewhere else.



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