Warsaw takes it slow

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Where there is a young, hip demographic with disposable income – there is slow food. And yoga, and recycling, and afternoons in a park. This summer, Warsaw’s hip accumulated – appropriately – in the park surrounding the Center for Contemporary Art (CSW).

The whole affair goes under the name Green Jazdów (Jazdów is the part of town in which Center for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle resides).  Every weekend is filled with extensive programme of workshops (such as singing, taught using Kodály’s method), meetings with experts (can Poles be made more green?), film screenings in CSW’s Lab cinema (Son’s of boredom) and so on.

But frankly, it’s all about the food. Slow food.

My coworkers went along to a slow food picnic, which was also a part of the Green Jazdów program. Local ingredients seasonal flavours. “The composition is changing each and every time we are doing service,” Grzegorz Łapanowski, one of the TV celebrity chefs, told them. And proceeded to list 3 types of tomatoes, purple basil, eatable flowers and tarts that made it to the plate.

The slow food picnic’s idea is thus: every one can bring a dish. They are collected and divided into portions, which are later sold for 2 PLN (50 euro cents) to raise funds for a campaign aiming to improve the food served in schools.

Veronika and Alicja did some roaming around and questioning, you can hear their full report at the Polish Radio English section’s website. Worth it for the head of CSW, Fabio Cavalluci’s precious Italian accent alone.

If you’d like to ingest some slow food in the park, coming weekend (14th-15th) is your last chance this season. Events commence at 8 p.m. on Friday and at 2 p.m. on Saturday, all around the CSW.

[h5]Photos:  Maria Wiktoria Jędrzejewska, Green Jazdów on facebook.

Big thanks to Polish radio reporters, Alicja Baczynska and Veronika Joy, for lending me their recordings and notes. [/h5]

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