Garbage wonders: Kasia, the cleaner

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Leaving usable things one no longer wants for other people to pick up is slowly becoming a habit in Warsaw. If you’re careful, you might spot some artifacts of the past by the communal skips. Such as


Meet Kasia (shortened version of the female name Katarzyna), the mechanic vacuum cleaner, with no suction. Kasia was a hit of the 80s and 90s, for ad hoc cleaning in between principle vacuuming sprees. You didn’t want to do those too often, as vacuum cleaners were heavy, loud – and rare.

How does this thing work? Consider this handy illustration I made for you

kasia explanation


Actually, it scoops the dirt into the metal containers on either side with the brushes placed in the middle.

Today you can own a Jasia (shortened Janina, also a female name), which is pretty much the same. A veil of mystery covers the history of Kasia. If I find any intel, I will let you know.

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