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While we’re finishing up the new website, we thought you might enjoy some of the photos we found over at, the website from the Polish NGO dedicated to documenting the region’s history.

The building in the middle photo is the Lubomirski Palace, and yes, it is being turned. The palace was originally built some time before 1712, rebuilt couple of times to fit the style of the times and then demolished during the WWII. It was rebuilt from scratch in 1947-1950, and then turned by 74 degrees in 1970, because – you know, why not. The idea was for it to face the Saska axis (the axis extends through the Saski park to the tomb of the unknown solider, ending at the statue of Piłsudski).

prev58According to wikipedia, the palace was cut off from its foundations and turned via a set of rails.

The photo was taken on 2.04.1970, by Jarosław Tarań, and the copyright is held by the KARTA Center. The other two pictures are also Tarań’s and you can see more Warsaw 70′ magic over at the KARTA website.

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