One busy weekend

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Back from summer holidays Warsaw is hitting the ground running

As per usual there’s shit-tone of stuff going on this coming weekend, but this time that tone is 80% interesting. Everything we love about this city and more. So, in order of how psyched we are about it:

1. Food trucks invade Praga / Sunday, Sept. 8th / 12.00 – 22.0 / Clear, 22°C

As far as fashions from US to invade our homeland, this is the second most exciting one (we’re still waiting for the golden age of TV series a.k.a “everybody watches Breaking Bad” to happen). Boy, did it take on. Street food, prawns, burgers, and even mind-blowing coffee. Since we’re not spending that much time on the hipster side of the river any more, this presents an exciting opportunity to dig our teeth into the best it has to offer.

Fancy joining? contact us. Facebook event.

2. Eco shenanigans at Kibuc Warszawa / Sunday, Sept. 8th / 12.00 – 20.00

It’s a Kibbutz, it specialises in urban sustainability, it’s right bang in Jazdów. There will be a clothes and books exchange, from-trash building and “an evening with humus”, among other things.

Facebook event.

3. Przemiany festival / Sept. 05-08 / Copernicus Science Centre

A festival with troubled past hits hip under the watchful eye of Warsaw’s sanctioned progressives. Multimedia installations, Sonic Fictions, mass personalization, short films and a breakfast by the river = Warsaw at its most multimedia, progressive, Silicon Valley meats Portlandia in a post-communist reality. And, judging from the promo, fit boys going all 3D on you. We dare you to say no.

Our plan is to arrive about noon and hang around till we are spitting future.

Fancy joining? contact us. Facebook.

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