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The hipster travelling show rolled over the South Srodmiescie area few seasons ago. You can still spot remains on the pavement outside of Plan B and Charlotte on Zbawiciela Square. But it’s right around there where the real action takes place these days, a.k.a Belgian chips and beer.

Okienko on Polna St
Okienko, Photo via Okienko on facebook

The place you’re looking for is OKIENKO (22 Polna St). Okienko serves amazing belgian – whatever that entails – chips in two varieties: small portion (5PLN) and big portion (8PLN). You’ll eat the big one by yourself, if you’re good in that sort of thing, but it will stuff you. The key is in picking the right sauce (1PLN). Everyday the sauce menu is different and some of the favorites run out causing gasps of horror in unsuspecting fans.

My personal favorites: koperkowy (dill with yoghurt and garlic), tzatziki (along the lines of the gyros sauce: strained yogurt, cucumbers, garlic, salt, olive oil, and parsley).

Each day Okienko puts the sauce list on their facebook page. Here are some of the sauces, explained:

musztardowo-miodowy / mustard and honey
tatrski / Tatar (horseraddish)
amerykański / American (mayo, ketchup and onion)
czosnkowy / garlic
salsa (fresh tomato and corriander)
suszone pomidory / dry tomatoes
koktailowy /coctail (mayo, Ketchup, basil)
serowo-kaparowy / cheese and capparis
mynarski / sailor’s (tai chilly – mild)
żuroawinowo-chrzanowy / cranberry and raddish
suszone pomidory / dry tomatoes
gzik (radish, chive, cream cheese)
duński / Dutch (curry)

Male Piwo
Photo via Małe Piwo on Facebook

joppe (curry and celery)
andaluzyjski / andalusian (sweet pepper)
rozmarynowy / rosemary

ostre (spicy):
zielone curry /green curry
samuraj / samuray (chilly and mayo)
sambal (100% chilly)

If you want your chips to take away mention it while ordering. Then grab your portion and go round the corner to MAŁE PIWO (small beer).

Małe Piwo (4 Oleandrów St) has couple dozen bottled beers of all varieties, coffee, and not much else. We like it because it’s unpretentious and you never get bored with that much of a choice. Each bottle will set you back 10 or 12PLN, but it’s worth it. There are usually some special editions or limited series, if you like to feel special.

Added bonus: Politechnika metro station is 2 minutes away, and the joint closes at 11.30 pm – just in time for your last tube home.

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